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Buy vape base online at low price on VAPSTORE®

For beginners in the world of vaping, the many different products can be confusing at first, but this variety only exists to offer the perfect solution to the very individual customers. The first step is to choose a suitable starter kit. If this is found, the vaper is given a variety of different juices and bases. This is one of the great advantages of e-cigarettes - due to thousands of flavors, you will definitely not get bored. In your atomizer, you can fill either ready-made or self-mixed combinations, the choice is entirely with you. If you decide for a self-mixed one, you need a base and a concentrate. Only the perfect combination of these two mixing partners enables the best experience.

DIY liquid: What's the difference between base and concentrate?

The choice of the right base is therefore decisive for the perfect mixture. But before start mixing, you need to think about the desired result. The first choice is the concentrate, there you have a huge selection, because the market is even more than just huge. Starting with sweets, delicious fruits, refreshing menthols or salty dishes, everything is available Now you have to make the next step - how shall your clouds be? This can have different properties and is influenced by the composition of the base.

E-cigarette base for self-mixing

A base consists of two main ingredients, PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin), PG being responsible for flavor development and VG manufacturing the popular vapor. So if you want large clouds, you should take a base with a high percentage of VG. If you are more inclined to an intense taste experience, PG must be particularly large. The VG / PG mixing ratio is always given as a percentage.

Individual dosing of nicotine

Another advantage of the e-cigarette is the possibility of dosing the nicotine. Especially for ex-smokers, it is advisable to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine and come through a nicotine-free life. For this to be done individually, there are different possibilities. Ready-mixed juices in different nicotine levels are available directly on VAPSTORE®. With the practical short fills you order a larger amount of juice without nicotine, this can be later filled into the slightly larger bottle with the help of nicotine shots quite according to the desired amount. The same is possible for the mixtures. In addition to the delicious aroma and the right base, you also need a nicotine shot. You can add this to your mix in a finely-dosed manner. Now inform yourself about the product variety and create your perfect mixture with a base from the VAPSTORE®, the premium e-cigarette shop.

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