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Drip Tips

Find the right drip tip for your e-cigarette on VAPSTORE®

Speaking of a a drip tip, the mouthpiece of an e-cigarette is what we mean. You should replace this regularly or at least see that it does not wear out very much. Especially in the area of this accessory, you will notice that the selection is particularly large. Different shapes, colors and materials will meet you in your selection. Apart from their function, you can choose a chic drip tip purely for optical preferences and enhance your e-cigarette. Thus, the vapor is not only tasty, but also optically the right feast.

Most manufacturers have now decided to use a more consistent measure to serve the market. The 510er connection is now spread wide and you will often find it for this reason. This offers an advantage that is obvious. Because you are guaranteed to have no problem finding a drip tip with an appropriate level that meets your needs - both visually and technically.

Meanwhile, there are even drip tip models made of glass, titanium or high-grade stainless steel. You can get individual mouthpieces or stock them in a large package to be prepared for any situation. It is important that you change the drip tip about every four weeks, so that you can enjoy a pleasant steaming experience. Otherwise, it may happen that your liquid tastes different and you no longer get the usual taste. In such a moment, it is important not to give up and not to look for the possible error in the vapor juice.

The right care for the special vaping fun

As already mentioned, you can buy your drip tip as standard with a 510 connection. With these models it is enough, if you put your drip tip model simply on the atomizer. It depends on the construction, but the devices are very similar to each other here. An additional rubber seal can even provide more stability in this case. This is what you often find with a standard mouthpiece, but it is also available individually.

To clean your drip tip, it makes sense to rinse it off with warm water. If you notice heavier soiling, you can also use a gentle cleaning substance. Often, it even makes sense to use pipe cleaners. 

Which drip tip is perfect for you?

In general, there are some differences in the mouthpieces, which you will notice on closer inspection of individual manufacturers. But do not worry, because these are mostly in a purely optical nature, so you can select here only after the optics.

Most vapers choose the mouthpiece wisely. If you prefer cool vapor, you should use a longer mouthpiece made of stainless steel. If you prefer warm clouds, plastic mouthpieces are particularly suitable. On the other hand, if you wish for a middle between the two possibilities, then your choice might be aluminum.

With a drip tip, you are free to optically adjust the device as it is your desire. Thus, the electric cigarette stands out from the conventional tobacco variant in addition and gives you the possibility to style up. Even the shapes often differ from each other. All in all, it is a part where you can really live out your love to detail.

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