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TPD2 Wiki: E-Cigarette Law - explained by VAPSTORE®

On this information page on the TPD Law, we would like to keep you up to date on all the guidelines for vaping and the effects on the products in our e-cigarette online shop.

Implementation in Germany: What is the E-Cigarette?

Especially lately, the abbreviation TPD is often found in connection with changes of law, prohibitions and panic comments. Behind the TPD abbreviation are the words tobacco product directive, an EU legislation.

Many e-cigarette dealers have sold their liquid range with filling quantities of more than 10ml in the TPD-sale in order to get all products banned from the deadline legally from the warehouses before May 20, 2017. In this context, a general ban on E-cigarettes was also mistakenly speculated in connection with the TPD 2017, which, however, was neither true nor in any way confirmed. E-cigarettes are allowed in Germany, even with the introduction of the TPD2 standard.

TPD2 Effects on self-mixers

The creation and mixing of liquids is currently enjoying an enormous popularity in the vaping scene. But the necessary ingredients are also covered by the new TPD2 regulations in Germany. TPD2 bases may only contain a maximum of 10 ml when the new law comes into effect, provided they are mixed with nicotine. The actual dosage of nicotine, if contained, may be only 20mg / ml according to the TPD2. For nicotine-free bases, no maximum filling volume still applies. Because of the non-contained nicotine, the TPD2 does not affect aromas.

TPD2 Tanks

Up to now, there has been no set limit for the filling volume of e-cigarette tanks in Germany. Only in England is now the maximum fill quantity limited to 2ml by law. It remains to be seen whether this could also be implemented similarly in Germany one day and only TPD2 tanks may be sold.

TPD2 Registration of new products

The TPD2 law also requires that all new e-cigarettes be registered with the European commission six months before the start of sales. After thorough examination of all submitted documents, the product can then be legally sold on the relevant deadline. We always keep the dates for you in the overview above, so you are always up to date, when your object of desire is available at VAPSTORE®.

Safer vaping

If, at first sight, the tobacco product guideline is perhaps a negative one, some important safety aspects are also included. When entering into force, for example, a safety cap with child protection for liquids and aromas is prescribed to protect children and pets from improper use and to protect refill bottles before leakage. Furthermore, the degree of purity of liquids must be explicitly demonstrated, which should make it difficult for inexpensive mixers from abroad. In addition, a proof of the ingredients used must be packed with each product for toxicological studies. Unfortunately, according to the TPD2 standard, any advertising for e-cigarettes and liquids is prohibited.

Vaping has not been banned by the TPD, but was adjusted only a little. E-cigarettes are still legal and enchant us every day with their gigantic vapor clouds and unique, varied flavors.

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