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On top of each box mod you'll find an elementary important atomizer of an e-cigarette. This is, as the name suggests, the thing that atomizes your liquid, available in different flavors, such as tobacco liquid, fruit liquid, or menthol liquid. These devices are available in a few designs resulting in different vaping results. In addition to prefabricated, ready-to-install atomizers, there are also do-it-yourself kits, in which you can install the heating wires and turns on your own.

Tank vaporizer - the gatherer

With this type of construction, a mostly round liquid tank surrounds the internal atomizer head. The so-called coil consists mainly of stainless steel, which evaporates the cotton wool, fully soaked of liquid, by heating the inner wires. Since most of the liquid inside is in the tank, it's got its name by this fact.

The dripper - gourmand atomizer

Contrary to the large range of a tank atomizer, drippers are designed for only one, perfect drag. In the absence of a tank, liquid is always trickled from the top directly onto the cotton wool, resulting in perfect taste on every turn.

Build your own atomizer

DIY atomizers for e-cigarettes are currently experiencing a real hype. In order to improve and intensify the taste experience, ambitious vapers nowadays work out their own windings. The advantage of this is that there are hardly any limitations with regard to individualization possibilities and can be tested without any end until you've developed your personal favourite wire construction. In addition to maximizing the flavors of the vapor, costs are also saved in long term. Normal disposable atomizers are thrown away after the coil is destroyed, in the case of the self-winding units: a defective heating coil can be easily re-built with a new wire, or maybe you'd like to try a different style of winding?

Cleaning and maintenance to maximize durability and life

For a long time, a kind of residue will build up in your atomizer, due to the vast amount of liquid you have vaped during this time. Then the time has come to clean your atomizer and give it a new look. For this purpose, for example, alcohol can be used in conjunction with a cotton swab. There is a huge selection of new coils you can choose for your e-cigarette. Keep in mind, however, that not every coil is compatible with your atomizer, just simply read our manufacturer's recommendations for the perfect replacement.

Find your favourite atomizer set for your box mod. On VAPSTORE®, the premium atomizer shop, you will surely find something you desire.

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