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Short Fills / Shake & Vape

Buy Short Fills online at low price - More Juice for less cash

Hardly any other factor for vaping an e-cigarette is more important than choosing the right liquid that can be purchased in different sizes and versions. It is, therefore, not necessary to make a decision exclusively in the case of taste, but rather the type and package size, which must also be determined. The so-called Short Fills, in which nicotine-free liquid are filled in larger quantities, usually from about 50 ml, up to a maximum of 120 ml, are on the rise.

Cheap liquid without nicotine? Short Fills!

The short fills of well-known liquid manufacturers are surprisingly low in price, but what is the reason for this? By automatically removing a large amount of steam juice, the basic price of a short fills is correspondingly low. The quality, in the interior is, of course, the same. But for fans of nicotine, the permanent indication of 0mg of the fabric is a little disappointing. It is all the better that short fills are basically intended for the addition of nicotine. The container sizes of the bottles are in principle always a little larger than the actual contents. The remaining space is used for the optional dosing of nicotine from a nic shot, which is often used when it comes to mixing very own liquid. This procedure is very simple, but still requires careful dosage and conscientious mixing of flavored juice and nicotine.

Shake and Vape - the name says it all

If the nicotine shot has been added to the short fill bottle, the lid must be closed in leak-proof manner. This is not a problem due to the always reliably sealing screw caps. Now the nicotine has only to be mixed with the juice, by shaking vigorously. Then the finished shortfill can be filled with nicotine into the tank and vaped - so the term Shake and Vape. Although e-smoking often appears to be a highly complex science, even difficult-to-do tasks such as adding nicotine to short fills are ultimately easy. Short fills are designed for pure simplicity, the space in the bottles is usually only sufficient for a tolerable amount of nicotine.

Bigger is better

With the powerful short fills you won't be on the dry that quick. Due to the gigantic filling volume of around 100ml your holiday can be very long, and you still won't see the bottom of your shake and vape bottle. Often, the containers are equipped with a finely metered drip syringe, to make the filling even easier. The most important advantage of short fills is, however, the enormous price advantage compared to regular 10ml bottles.

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