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Joyetech Joyetech

As one of the oldest companies in the vaping business, Joyetech looks back on a great development since its founding in 2008 in the industrial city of Shenzhen, China. At this time, e-cigarettes were styled as much possible like classic tobacco cigarettes in order to make it easier for smokers to switch especially from the optical side as well.

The continuous development of the Joyetech e-cigarette

After the successful market launch of the Joye510, the eGo series, which has been popular until now, followed. This resulted in the eGo-T, 510-T and the eGo-C series, which set milestones at the respective time. This development power continues until today, recently launched successes such as the eGo Aio, or the eGo One thrill vapers all around the globe. With clever colors in a wide range you can select your favourite one according to your own taste. Innovative products that leave no wish open to the customer is the motto of Joyetech.

New is always better

A groundbreaking Joyetech update was the introduction of liquids, which were filled into the atomizer tank, this construction is now widely used by all manufacturers worldwide. Also on the power side, Joyetech box mods, such as the eVic VTC Mini, or the Ocular C can always mark new performance peaks, in terms of processing and haptics, the high standard is still unchallenged to this day. The Chinese manufacturer also took the first step from the disposable product to the replaceable atomizer head, so it's not by chance that almost every vaper knows the tried and tested Ornate and Notch coils. This system not only saves costs for the user, but also saves the environment sustainably. Intensive research work by a highly qualified team is ultimately the drive motor for all these ingenious products and one of the reasons for the market leadership.

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