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Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape offers an extraordinary taste experience

Since 2014 Vampire Vape are starting in Germany and spoil the steam scene with unusual and exotic aromas. A trademark of Vampire Vape is to give their liquids particularly cool and curious names like Blackjack, Blue Gun, Bat Juice. The popular Heisenberg liquid also comes from the Vampire Vape kitchen. The imagination of the developers knows no limits more than 50 different flavors are available. Fans of fruity Liquids get their money's worth at Vampire Vape. Funky Monkey, Red Lips, or Dawn do not immediately reveal which exotic fruits have been used for these concoctions, invite them to discover and enjoy. Nasturtiums have their delight in sweet liquids like Pear Drops, Bubblegum and Black Ice. Here you can immediately recognize the liquid inventors put on innovative and new creations apart from apple, banana and cherry. The other categories are also growing in popularity, with many exciting flavors to be discovered including desserts, drinks, menthol and tobacco.

Vampire Vape the manufacturer from England has arrived in Germany

The company Vampire Vape is headquartered in Blackburn, England. The name of the company as well as the extravagant names of the E-Juices point to the well-known British humor. The fun comes with the colorful Liquids in all taste variations by itself. After the company has already been very successful in the UK and has won many enthusiastic supporters, they have made the leap to Germany in 2014. Vampire Vape has launched an incredible triumph in the German steam scene. A distracted dealer network as well as an own onlineshop ensure the supply of the fantastic Liquids for German fans.

Liquids in all variations for the best aroma taste and enormous steam development

Anyone who is still looking for his favorite liquid, is guaranteed to find at Vampire Vape. There are so many top candidates who all have the potential to become an absolute all-day vape. The use of the best and most tested ingredients allows the pure taste. The consistency of the liquid and the characteristics of the steam development is not only a constant development of the taste. If you do not get enough of these great flavors, you can buy the e-liquid from Vampire Vapes not only in the 10ml, but also in the large version with 30ml and is thus supplied for a while. Of course, Vampires also offers Vape Liquids with different nicotine strengths. A proportion of 0 mg; 6 mg; 12mg and 18mg can be freely selected according to your own preferences. The ready-mixed liquids are mainly composed of propylene glycol (PG) vegetal glycerin (VG) and water. More parts of propylene glycol have a clearer and finer aroma flavor. If the proportion of vegetal glycerin exceeds this, this has a positive effect on the steam development during steaming.

The Heisenberg Liquid the most successful liquid from the UK

Vampire Vape of Liquid designers from England has reached a high level of recognition in Germany and is increasingly gaining more enthusiastic fans. The fruity and creative liquids are found more and more frequently in the tanks of many e-cigarettes. Vampire Vape currently offers a wide selection of over 50 flavor varieties. Especially popular is the Red Lips flavor, with a taste of sweet cherry and fruit. The Liquid Laboratory of Vampire Vape is a constant source of the most curious and unusual taste combinations. The company made the final breakthrough from the UK with the creation of the Heisenberg liquid. The Heisenberg-Liquid is a tribute to the successful TV series Breaking Bad. The teacher Heisenberg has found a recipe for the purest and clearest product you can have. It seems as if Vampire Vapes set a monument with this creation. As in the series, the recipe for the Heisenberg Liquid is also a big secret. The users describe it as a true taste experience, a mix of fruity and cool, blue berries and a touch of anise and mint. The Heisenberg flavor is particularly popular for mixing. If you are looking forward to the fresh taste and want to try it out, you can buy the Heisenberg-Liquid in our shop. Of course, Vampire Vape also produced a Pinkman-Liquid, which at least equally successfully conquered the German market.

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