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The Milkman

Order The Milkman Liquids and Shortfills online on VAPSTORE®

The Milkman Liquids is a special edition of the famous manufacturer Vaping Rabbit from the USA. Vaping Rabbit is the combination of two rather small companies. On the one hand, the Hookah Bar and on the other hand an ice cream shop. In the meantime, the combination has become a large company that perfectly combines professional competence and lifestyle.

The name "The Milkman" is quite what you can call their portfolio through and through. These liquids are delivered to you in a small milk carton. Also in terms of taste, they feature this ingredient that gives it the name. Due to the ultra high VG content, these liquids are only suitable for subohm atomizers with a larger flow rate of the eLiqs and drippers.

An entirely new taste experience

With the liquids from the series "The Milkman" you get an incredible taste experience. The liquid vials are available in the nicotine strengths 0, 3 and 6 mg, also practical 0mg Shortfills for Shake and Vape are offered. Contained ingredients are composed of 99 percent of vegetable glycerin, distilled water and high-quality food flavors. The flavors of The Milkman are as unique as the entire marketing of the company itself. Unusual flavors, such as creamy vanilla pudding, cinnamon milk or marshmallows are among the selection of the range. They are not only reminiscent of different milkshakes, which are especially popular in America.

Hand-bottled eJuice by The Milkman

All eJuices of the manufacturer are made in Los Angeles California. The aromas are extracted by the process of steam distillation. Through this process, which extracts the flavors of real fruits, only the unique taste is won, which makes the shortfills something very special. After all, the American manufacturer is not only known for its unusual eLiqs, but at the same time for the high quality of those. But this is not surprising, because one of the founders herself is a passionate vaper and puts a special emphasis on high-quality raw materials and good production. Other liquids from the The Milkman range are also manufactured by Vaping Rabbit by hand. This means that automation in production is kept very low and you get hand-filled eJuice.

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