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Nitecore Ladegeräte Nitecore Ladegeräte

Known primarily for its innovative flashlights, Nitecore also offers highly attractive accessories for the e-cigarette market with powerful charging devices. Since its founding in 2004, the manufacturer has developed into a global player with a huge product range.

Innovation is the mainspring

Behind every Nitecore product are three basic principles: perfection in technology, creativity and practical application. Combining these attributes with the high demands of the in-house developers, even enthusiasts will be thrilled by perfect end result. With every product, Nitecore sets new standards in aesthetics and functionality. The motivation to meet even the most demanding requirements, has proven itself again and again as a concept of concept.

Experienced employees lead to success

In addition to the enormous know-how behind the Nitecore range, there is one very important thing: lifeblood. Employees who passionately engage in outdoor sports in their spare time, knowing exactly which conditions a product has to fulfill in a hard mission ultimately lead to a successful market launch. This also applies to the selection of charging devices, permanent impressions of the daily use flowed into the development, so only such powerful devices could be presented at very fair prices.

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