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German-based company K-Boom is a manufacturer of very extraordinary DIY liquid concentrates for e-cigarettes and always good for a surprise in new flavours. Custom creations made of unique ingredients is a reason, that vapers worldwide rely on this very unique company.

K-Boom liquid concentrates - premium flavour made in Germany - for a unique taste experience 

The development of outstanding flavours in Recklinghausen, Germany makes K-Boom liquid concentrates an upmarket product made in Germany. Inspired by classical flavours as well as new trends in the food market, K-Boom is a solid company on the market, thrilling countless vapers all over the world. Main focus of the German brand is a high recognition value due to a perfect combination of the exquisite ingredients, creating a lasting impression for the vaper. No matter if it is a more classic-based flavour or absolutely crazy one which you have never heard about before, K-Boom will give you thrills with every single liquid concentrate of their huge assortment, that is pretty sure.

Liquid concentrates intense on flavour - always up to date

Mixning liquid concentrates is not only about the perfect flavour, it is also about producing in a perfect standard., so it is not only the vape community that the manufacturers have to satisfy. Nowadays there are very strict guidelines in production if you want to establish on the e-cigarette market. That means that also from the technical and pharmaceutical site of view K-Boom Liquid concentrates have to be made of pure and well chosen ingredients and fabricated by the German Pharmacopoeia. Mixing only the best of the best components is absolutely essential and proved for the German company. Resulting to this, vapers worldwide enjoy a genuine feeling of safety as they know, K-Boom uses only the best of the best substances in their made in Germany-liquid concentrates When vaping you can actually feel how loving and accurate K-Boom flavours have been filled up for delightful vapers. That is why these liquid concentrates are set up for a very special target group, that are fed up with standard flavours. Even the ones which are based on quite more classical flavours are made in a very special way, that you directly regognize as a K-Boom liquid concenctrate.

Buy liquids ready-made or DIY liquids?

A basic question, that in the end can be answered by only you. If you want to go custom, K-Boom liquid concentrates will make your liquid base definitely incomparable and offer a taste you can not buy ready-made. This is exactly what adventuresome vapers are looking for with the goal to create a flavour that has been never seen before on the market. They are not interessted in flavours that everyone else can buy ready-made without adding your personal note to it. So pick your favourite K-Boom liquid concentrates and start mixing your own aroma, you can do it! It’s not that hard as you might think at the beginning, just start slowly and get closer to your favourite flavour bit by bit. Once you have started you will surely become a DIY liquid mixer very quick.

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