Fuck The Rules

Vaping is and remains a controversial topic, from this circumstance a German liquid manufacturer has intensively developed and extensively tested this aroma range. 

Fuck the Rules - with this aroma

If you see this similar, that the consumption and the users of e-cigarettes are sometimes misrepresented, you have to support the company from Trier, Germany for these wonderful liquid concentrates. But not only for them, if you're just someone who loves to enjoy vaping and you're looking for a delicious All-Day-Vape, you will find exactly it here.

Wide range of aromas

Various treats and fruits were combined in delicate combinations as heartily e-cigarette flavours. No matter if you're looking for fruity, sweet or even breakfast vapes, there is nothing missing. Fuck the Rules Aroma is the right eJuice for every occasion. A further plus for FTR is the production in Germany and the associated purity in connection with strictly supervised production processes. If you're looking for the finest flavors to mix with your base, you should pay a visit to the Fuck the Rules brand shop.