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Dampflion Aroma Dampflion Aroma

Dampflion is the proof that the dream of many vapers can actually come true. Numerous vapers from all over the world mix their own fluids with tireless energy in diligent, experimental work. One man managed to make a name with its e-cigarette test on Youtube and has become a famous star in the vaping scene. We're talking about Roman from Bonn, Germany, also known as Dampflion. He did it, he's a Youtube star and launched his first own liquid aroma series.

Mix your own liquid with Dampflion Aroma

Dampflion got the attention of vapers with a huge variety of his very own produced test reports, hardware presentations, as well as advices and tricks on the video platform Youtube. Through the meticulous testing of countless different liquid varieties and flavors, it was the time to bring out a flavor series of its own. Based on years of vaping, these liquid concentrates for e-cigarettes were developed for self-mixing. A special taste, which has never existed before, waits inside the glass-clear PET vials with aluminum screw caps, giving a clear statement to the high value of the liquid aromas. The Dampflion line of aromas is, in principle, fruity, to which something extra has been added. The excellent choice of the matching tastes unfolds directly on the first drag and leaves a hearty taste impression of these absolutely intense and unique flavor. No doubt that Roman did a great job, these aromas have not been mixed together quickly, in these liquid flavors is a lot of time for the perfection and dosage of the individual high-quality ingredients. If you try these aromas once you'll be rewarded with an absolutely elaborate and grandiose flavored aroma and beg to get more of this stuff.

Perfectly mixed, made with passion - the liquid concentrates by Youtube-Star Dampflion

To be honest, we have been waiting a long time for Youtube's Dampflion own aroma taste. If you are so passionate and technically oriented, you must have an incredibly great knowledge about e-cigarettes and liquid flavors. If not someone like him can develop a perfect aroma and mix, who else could? So it's no wonder that Roman alias Dampflion has embraced this cause and has put all his passion for vaping into these flavors in an outstanding composition of various taste nuances. The liquid aroma series by Dampflion launched perfectly on the market, no wonder regarding the current number of its Youtube Channel subscribers, constantly entertained with several videos a week and in a refreshing style.

High quality concentrates - by Dampflion Aroma

Another nice gimmick of the Dampflion flavors is the development exclusively in Germany. According to this, Dampflion must adhere to extremely strict but justified and necessary legal requirements with regard to the production and quality of the content, we are sure that these liquid flavorings correspond absolutely to the standards of the German Pharmacopoeia and thus to the required standard. This is also essential to give the final target group, the customer, an undisturbed feeling free from any worries. For one thing, the aromas are definitely the ultimate choice: fun and an indescribably satisfied feeling during the pleasurable application. That's why Dampflion without any ifs and buts officially mixes with its name for its own liquid flavors. A clear message that he stands fully behind his products and firmly believes in them, because these aromas are indeed very special.
Convince yourself now of the fruity Dampflion flavors to your own, you will be overwhelmed by the incomparable taste!

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