Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog Liquids are real californian liquids for vaping. These eJuices convey the most positive vibes in a completely authentic way, which are chanted behind the people who live there. No wonder when the weather is good all year round, and that's exactly what you can taste at Cosmic Fog Liquids.

Unique liquids - by Cosmic Fog

Each eJuice by Cosmic Fog is developed in long and intense work, with an average of 7 to 10 months per variety. This makes exquisite varieties available, convincing in their unique realization with full and incomparably delicate aroma. It's pretty obvious when you vape, you can feel the passion wthat has flown in every single aroma until perfection. A special advantage of these fine Ejuices is the suitability as an all-day vape, which has been tickled out by careful selection of the ingredients in an intensive test procedure.

Liquids from controlled production

It is not the only thing to convince by pure taste, the selection of ingredients used must also be correct and appropriate requirements. Cosmic Fog eJuice must therefore be produced from pure and tested ingredients in order to count as premium liquid of the highest quality. After all, you just want to fill in the best stuff into your tank.

Enjoy the warm California sunshine of these Liquids and find your favorite one in the range of Cosmic Fog.