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Coil Master

Coil Master Coil Master

The world of vaping no longer consists of only finished products. Box mods, atomizers and batteries can be put together in incredibly huge assortments in infinite combinations, in order to create your own personal favourite product. This can be even more individual, ambitious vapers in the search for the perfect taste experience nowadays rely on DIY coils.

Professional DIY accessories from Coil Master

For DIY you will need some basic skills and winding wire. There are various designs of wires in the selection of CoilMaster winding wires. Not every vaper has a fully equipped workshop, so a suitcase full of vaping tools would be great. Fo that case you should definitely try the Coil Master Kit V3. With this kit, you will be able to solve any possible issue and you can dismantle your e-cigarette for cleaning, maintenance or DIY.

Every vaper knows the situation, when you try to unscrew your atomizer from the box mod but unfortunately it won't move at all. What can you do about it? If you press too hard with the hand, the glass of the atomizer will possibly bit the dust. Here's a genious tool especially for that case: the Coil Master Vape Tweezer. With this special tweezers you can separate atomizers from your box mod without much effort safely.

Build your own coil - no problem with Coilmaster

If you want to go a bit deeper into the hobby of vaping, you won't get around the high-quality accessories of Coil Master, convincing you with 100% quality and enormous longevity. The winding wires come directly on quite long spools, so that right at the beginning some missing step does not bring a long delivery time with itself. Thanks to this professional accessory, you can start DIY, and fix anything on your e-cigarette, just check out the Coil Master range, you will surely find anything you need.

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