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Coil Glaze

Sunshine and good feelings are not only found in California, as these attributes hav found their way into little bottles by Coil Glaze. Now you can actually feel it when you vape, it's mindblowing! With intense and brilliant flavours, these EJuices thrill is every day.

Sweet and hearty, the delicious Coil Glaze Liquids

Sophisticated composition of the finest ingredients, which enchant even experienced, sensitive vapers, were developed at Coil Glaze in hard and long work. Numerous tests by the trained staff have contributed to the perfect end result of these delicate eJuices and must not be hidden from the competition. Inspired by calorie-rich desserts these liquids offer the decisive advantage, that you won't have to worry about gaining too much weight on the ribs. Depending on the nicotine strength they suit every type of vaper.

In the different varieties of Coil Glaze Liquids, every candy fan will surely find his favourite. A further sign of the peculiarity of these eJuices is the multiple awarding at trade fairs and events. Even visually, the Californians know how to attract attention, each of the small packs resembles a work of art that you might even want to place as decoration in your living room.

Coil Glaze Liquids from strictly controlled production

When it comes to vaping, it's not only about taste, it's also about quality. Quality and purity play a decisive role. As a North American manufacturer, Coil Glaze has to guarantee a wide range of safety requirements and the ingredients used. Only for this reason the high quality of these liquids can be guaranteed in the end. This may also contribute to the growing popularity of the brand, meanwhile the sweet juices are well-known almost worldwide and are gladly filled into numerous tanks. Now go on find the ultimate taste of your new all-day-vape in the range of Coil Glaze Liquids.

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