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Big Mouth Liquids

Big Mouth Liquids Big Mouth Liquids

Big Mouth Liquid is a premium manufacturer from Lithuania with many innovations in liquid concentrates, always looking for maximum taste. These liquid concentrates in countless varieties are made for DIY vapers.

Big Mouth liquid concentrates - A huge range of flavours, you’ll never be bored.

The very special concentrates of Big Mouth are based on years of research in food industries. In this way, newest trends and ideas can be collected long before sales start, providing always abolutely outstanding and unique flavours developed in Lithuania. Big Mouth concentrates are mainly inspired by very strong tastes with a high recognition value, which you generally find in USA liquids and in subtle combinations over here.

Big Mouth Liquids - All for one and one for all

As a well-known manufacturer for high quality liquid concentrates, Big Mouth has to provide not only maximum taste but also best and purest ingridients in production.

There are different sub-brands, specialising on each range. Starting with Yummy concentrates, inspired by food-range flavours with heartily desserts, also there is Retro Juice, offering, as ist name already says, more classical flavours but still in a very exceptional way, making each of these concentrates a little innovation. Additionally, there is Fuzzy, a brand that provides your favourite drinks and last but not least the Classic Range, the product line, where Big Mouth let their designers create their very own favourite, modern flavours for the vape community. 

With this huge variety of liquid concentrates you will find flavours far away from the current mainstream, making your liquid base absolutely unique.

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