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G Pen Elite Phil Frost X Burton by Grenco Science

G Pen Elite Phil Frost X Burton by Grenco Science

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G Pen Elite Phil Frost X Burton by Grenco Science

The G Pen Elite Phil Frost X Burton Vaporizer by Grenco Science is the result of a three-year collaboration. Since G Pen founder Chris Folkerts is a huge fan and collector of Phil Frost, a known artist from New York, he met him to buy a 20-piece luggage set art collection, which finally gave the inspiration to work on something together. With snowboard-industry leading manufacturer Burton as a former G Pen collaborator a perfect combination was born. As an outcome of this, The G Pen Elite Phil Frost X Burton Vaporizer comes in a miniature version of the original artwork luggage, the set also includes a limited edition of Burton accessoires for snowboard and traveling.

The G Pen Elite - Modern Technology with Shapely and Futuristic Design

The Grenco Science G Pen Elite is packed to the brim with exciting, top-of-the-line features - a super ergonomic portable vaporizer with full convection heater, a full LED display with precise and accurate temperature control, a battery indicator, and a stable ceramic heating element that meets and exceeds industry standards!

Given the head-spinning success of the now world-famous G Pen and G Pro, it was only a matter of time before Grenco Science launched a new device to rival those models. And rivals them it most certainly does! People who love G Pen and G Pro, start getting excited right now...

The G Pen Elite comes equipped with a revolutionary and very generous filling chamber made of heat-stable ceramic. The chamber operates using a special, patented 360 degree rotating technique that ensures that the contents of the chamber are evenly heated by the hot air and thus vaporized as efficiently and smoothly as possible. The rotating chamber also ensures that the rapid heating mechanism will not singe or overheat the material.

With a temperature range of approximately 90°C to 220°C, the G Pen Elite is perfect for vaporizing almost any type of dried herb material you can think of!

The G Pen Elite also comes fully loaded!

The G Pen Elite vaporizer comes equipped with an ultra-high-quality, lithium-ion battery and a new smart-chip technology that guarantee you a super long battery life. In fact, these two features combined means that the G Pen Elite lasts longer than any other devices in this price range. Impressive, no?

Packaged in a premium gift box presentation, the Science Grenco G Pen Elite comes with the usual G card, a G Pen tool, a cleaning brush, and a charger. And also a service warranty – but that’s a given!


  • 1x G Pen Elite Vaporizer - Frost X Burton Edition
  • 1x Mini-Koffer
  • 1x USB-Ladekabel
  • 1x Grinder-Karte
  • 1x G Tool
  • 1x Reinigungsbürste


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G Pen Elite Phil Frost X Burton by Grenco Science Eigenschaften

Voltage Range110 V
Temperature Range93 - 220°C
Charging OptionsUSB
ManualEnglish manual
Temperature Control Fixed

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