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Fizzy - Original Milk Tea Shortfill - 55ml (0mg)

Fizzy - Original Milk Tea Shortfill - 55ml (0mg)

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Fizzy - Original Milk Tea Shortfill - 55ml (0mg)

As a very luxury and exquisite shortfill, Original Milk Tea is something for special moments. With its creamy flavour, it will amaze you.

Brewed to perfection - Fizzy Shortfills

Founded in 2012, Mohawk & Co is one of the established premium eJuice manufacturers worldwide. With the international breakthrough in 2015, the Malaysian manufacturer was also able to make its production significantly more efficient than in the former home business, meanwhile 200,000 bottles per month leave the modern company. The result is also the incomparably high quality of the in-house brand Fizzy shortfills, which is definitely one of the best of its kind. Not for nothing, the company slogan is "Brewed to Perfection". Fizzy shortfills are tested and optimized to the last detail, until at the end a shortfill comes out that can even surpass the expectations of a gourmand vaper. Even though the varieties will initially sound a bit simple, each of them will thrill you in their own way. By no means does a shortfill require ten or even more different ingredients, when a single flavor through lovingly crafted perfection is a masterpiece in itself.

With the main focus on the creation of the ultimate variety, Fizzy can probably only beat itself. The intensity and genuineness of the numerous varieties seems like a miracle; breathtaking clouds of steam of considerable proportions enchant your delicate palate with the noblest nuances of finest flavors. Particularly interesting of the refreshing lineup are the specially marked All Day Vape varieties. These are guaranteed never boring and somehow fit every occasion. Nevertheless, they also taste very tasty and come not too rich, but rather exclusive and smooth.

The unique formula of Fizzy shortfills offers yet another surprise. In addition to the standard labeling with 70% VG (vegetable glycerin) and 30% PG (propylene glycol), each exquisite variety also reveals the respective mint level, which is given in levels such as Low or Medium. With this wonderful additional note Fizzy Shortfills gives each variant a pricklig-refreshing note, which makes the whole thing even more exciting and sometimes also clearly a craving for more of the wonderfully delicious steam juice. The sweet selection is served in practical vials with enough space for the nicotine shot that many of you need. Thus, the 0mg Shortfill can be quickyl converted in your favorite juice.


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Nikotin-Shot Übersicht

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