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Bonus Informations

Discount for Payment in advance by wire bank transfer

  • When you pay your order by wire bank transfer in advance you'll receive automatically a discount about 2% on your order sum.
  • Orders with value of 500 Euro or above get automatically a discount about 5%
  • So you can get a discount about 7% if you choose payment in advance and ordering goods for 500 Euro or more
  • By the way, for orders within Germany we charge no shipping fees

Write a product review and receive a credit for shopping in our store

You have received your Vaporizer and you would like to share your experience with other customers? Therefore we grant you a shopping credit for our vaporizer online store. 14 Days after we have shipped your Vaporizer you'll receive a review reminder automatically. What you have to do then?

  1. Please login into your customer account and write a review for the product
  2. After approving your review the credit automatically cashed in to your account

You'll receive:

  1. Review length up to 140 characters - 1,50 Euro (Max. amount of reviews: 10 per month)
  2. Review length from 140 characters - 3,00 Euro (Max. amount of reviews: 5 per month)
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